Donation helps bring comfort to families of hospital patients


Seeing a loved one in the hospital can take its toll, and finding a way to relax as they heal can be almost impossible. A simple idea from a company man with a heart for those who can’t leave a patient’s side is bringing comfort during those tough nights. 

When a loved one is in the hospital, it’s hard to leave their side,  but it’s also difficult for patient visitors to get any sleep.

One piece of furniture can make all the difference. 

“We have one in our office in Kansas and I slept in it just to get the full effect of it and I’m ashamed to say, it’s more comfortable than the mattress I sleep on at home, but that’s by design,” explained Jeremy Henak.

Henak is the Vice President of a business called Caregiver Company.

“Chris McCoy, our president, literally designed this on a napkin after seeing his father spend many many nights in a chair, basically making it difficult for him to walk after a period of time and he came up with the idea,” Henak added.

McCoy’s dad stayed with his wife in a hospital room while she was being treated for cancer.

Caregiver donated 6 beds to Freeman Hospital because of it’s association with the Children’s Miracle Network.

Four of the beds are in rooms inside the postpartum unit at Freeman, while the other two are inside rooms in the cardiac unit and orthopedic – neurology units.

 “It’s definitely designed for the caregiver and the visitors of the patients,” Henak continued. “It allows for a multiple use also during the day, it allows up to six adults to sit around the bed to be used as a couch during the day”

And don’t be surprised if the hospital buys additional beds in the future.

“Our experience with these have been so good that I’m sure that we will have plans to add some more beds throughout the hospital because they’ve been so positively received,” said Freeman president Paula Baker.

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