Dog breeders attend conference to perfect their craft


St. Puppy’s Day  brought out professional pet breeders to learn more about their craft.

The event, launched 11 years ago by Pinnacle Pet, only had about 50 people in attendance. This year they had 315.
Experts from all over the country showed off their expertise so breeders could see hands-on ways to improve working with animals. 

Some of the vendors gave nutrition, pregnancy advice, products and much more. 

Conference officials say 70% of Americans own a dog, so their field is something a lot of people have a vested interest in. 

Brenda Arnett, a conference attendee says, “We want the public to understand our side of it. We are not, as a lot of people think, puppy mills. We are licensed and under the USDA we have guidelines we are required to go by. A lot of us are also state regulated.” 

“I hope [they] leave with something they can put in their business. If it’s just one thing, I hope they leave with some piece of information, some tool, or some piece of equipment that they can put into their business, their home business, in their kennel, and make their lives and their dogs lives better,” says Chris Fleming, co-owner and CEO of Pinnacle Pet. 

Fleming adds many people don’t understand professional breeders are not puppy mills and they have a love for pets. 

He advises to people that are not aware of the profession to try to seek out a place to learn more themselves. 

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