Does microwaving food cause nutrient loss?


Is a crucial kitchen appliance used by millions of people everyday zapping the nutrients out of your food?

When hunger strikes, there’s a quick fix…..the microwave. From popcorn to leftovers, it’s the go-to for on-the-go heating. However, is it frying key nutrients out of your food? The answer lies in the type of food you’re cooking and how long you’re cooking it for. 

The longer food is cooked, the more nutrient loss. Temperature is also a factor, for the higher the heat means less nutrient benefits. 

Liquids are also a big factor. If you’re cooking with water, nutrients will drain from your foods and into the liquid. So the more water you’re cooking with, the more nutrients you’re losing. Experts say any type of cooking will strip foods of some nutrients. 

And microwaving actually results in a very minimal loss of health benefits. Heating or steaming food in a microwave usually requires little to no liquid when compared to cooking food in a boiling pot of water. Also, foods cooked in a conventional oven are exposed to excessive heat, which increases the potential for nutrient loss.

So, should you abandon your quick fix friend, the microwave? The answer: No. In fact, experts say steaming is better than submerging your foods in water.

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