Doctor brings special medical services to Grand Lake area


A local doctor is working to bring special services to the healthcare field in the Grand Lake area.

Dr. Zachary Bechtol is trying to bring convenience to individuals in need of medical treatment, using a more outside-of-the-box approach to medical care, hoping to break new ground with his special services.

“Similar to what you get when you fly first class on an airplane,” says Dr. Zachary Bechtol.

That is what Bechtol uses to describe what he calls unique first class medical service… Offering a variety of amenities to individuals for about 1000 dollars a year, depending upon the ailment. This allows individuals who choose to gain membership to receive more personalized medical care with same day appointments and 24/7 access to dr. Bechtol via a red phone.

“Technology has made that more practical with medicine as well we have cell phones now we have Skype. I can actually see the patient through my phone, I have people send me pictures of rashes and injuries and I can actually see the problem and actually give them advice,” says Dr. Zachary Bechtol.

The membership has only been offered for a short time, but it has already started making a difference in people’s lives.

“Before that I’d have to wait or I’d have to wait to make an appointment to get in which would be days or weeks and the cold would just get worse,” says Thomas F. Gray.

Gray adds he also appreciates the one on one interaction with Dr. Bechtol.

“We don’t have to wait around and the doctor becomes very well acquainted with us, he understands what our issues are medically and can really diagnose us maybe over the phone and get immediate resolution to it,” says Thomas F. Gray.

Bechtol adds members of the services will also have access to house calls and hospital visits. If you are interested in becoming a member of the program you can contact Bechtol’s office at 918-786-4664.

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