Doctor and patient reunite five years after the Joplin tornado

When Doctor Ray Vetsch first met then 10-year-old Mason Lillard, she had a steel rod sticking through much of her body. He says the fact that she was still alive was a credit to the people who brought her to Freeman Hospital. They cut the bar above and below her body, but didn’t try to remove it. He says he took it from there.
“She had this drive that was just phenomenal, you could see that, you know, that if somebody has a chance to pull through this, you know, it would be a person like Mason, and she did,” said Dr. Ray Vestch, Freeman surgeon.
She and her family had traveled to Joplin that day to go to Home Depot. She was in the parking lot when the tornado hit. As badly as she was injured, she never once felt alone.  
“I saw angels, some people might call them butterfly people,” said Mason Lillard, tornado survivor.
She speaks about her experience at area churches
“I know that God was with us through the whole storm and that he was helping the surgeons with all the surgeries they had to perform,” said Mason.
In the years after the storm, she’s undergone 12 more procedures. That hasn’t stopped her from living life to the fullest. She’s a freshman now at Jasper High School.
“How she handled it was phenomenal, we did what we have learned to do. But, the people who have not learned how to do it, they came and just did it, and that was phenomenal,” said Dr. Vetsch.

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