Diversity Day


George Nettels Elementary students received a valuable lesson today.

Students from PSU dropped by to educate the children on diversity. And they did this as a part of their service for Black History Month.

Members from the Pittsburg State Black Student Association and Hispanics of Today stopped by classrooms to get kids more aware of diversity. The lesson worked to share the meaning behind Black History Month.

“We wanted them to know that we all have differences, we’re all not just one thing. We’re all not just tall. We’re all not just short. But we do have differences, these differences make the world bigger and better each and everyday,” says La’Shay Thomas, Pres. of the Black Student Assoc. at PSU.

The hands-on exercises included a story detailing the importance of varied backgrounds as well as a project that made kids aware that differences are okay.

“We give the children one crayon and tell them to color the world with this one crayon. Color your favorite place, your favorite thing, your favorite meal. And then we give them many crayons just to show them the differences between the colors and we compare that to the world. And usually the students like the picture with the color or more differences. And we’re saying that’s how the world is and should be,” says La’Shay Thomas.

And the PSU students feel like the event taught them a little something, too. Program facilitator Marisela Resendiz says seeing the children eager to learn about diversity makes her hopeful for the next generation.

“Something that they would take away is simply embracing who they are. And knowing that their differences are what makes them unique,” says Marisela Resendiz, Hispanics of Today at PSU.

This is just one of the events the school is sponsoring to observe Black History Month. Both programs also work on the PSU campus to spread messages of inclusion and diversity.

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