Digging up artifacts could be illegal depending on your digging site


SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KOLR) — On a nice day like today, you may be thinking about spending time at one of the beautiful parks here in the Ozarks.

Just remember, if it’s government property, what you find in that park, stays in that park.

Just this past summer, two people from Missouri were convicted and one jailed for digging up artifacts near Ozark National Scenic Riverways Park.

Their crime unauthorized excavation of archaeological resources for digging up native American relics from over 11,000 years ago.

Dena Matteson of Ozark National Scenic Riverway says they have dealt with people searching government-owned land for artifacts but most don’t dig 164 holes over two and a half acres like 41-year-old Shane Munroe and 45-year-old Christy Bruton of birch tree did.

If you should stumble upon what you believe is a historic artifact on government property, Matteson says the proper thing to do is bring it to the authorities of that property.

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