Developing: Searching Shoal Creek; Discarded Handgun from Weekend Assault


Man suffered three gunshot wounds over the weekend in an assault, handgun used might be in the water

(JOPLIN, Mo.) — Joplin Police have enlisted the help of Newton Co Rescue & Recovery at Shoal Creek’s Low Water bridge Monday afternoon. Detectives are searching for a handgun thought to be used in a weekend assault.

Capt Nick Jimenez tells us, this past Saturday, August 17, a male suffered, three, non life-threatening gunshot wounds at a Joplin location.

As detectives investigated they received information a handgun involved might have been discarded at Low Water Bridge.

The shooting occurred in Joplin at 2933 East 11th. However the victim was transported POV, privately owned vehicle, to an area hospital.

A juvenile is in custody related to the shooting. No information is being released at this time regarding the under-age suspect.

Tipsters alerted us to police activity around 2:00 PM when the bridge was closed to traffic and a search in the water began.

This is a continuing investigation according to Capt Jimenez. Watch here for updates.


These rescue & recovery experts are all volunteer on this team. Consisting of: NWArk Firefighter, Minister, Business Owner, Scuba store owner, there are about 25 total on the team.

If something happens they can move fast, most of the time they are dispatched through Newton County. But that isn’t the only place they help.

Earlier this spring they were on Beaver Lake in Springdale, Arkansas assisting the recovery of a man who had fallen from a boat while fishing.

The Newton County Commissioners and the Newton County Ambulance district support them annually. Leut JT LaDue told us last year that goes to mainly pay expenses like insurance.

They are non-profit and hold fundraisers to replace and buy new equipment throughout the year. For more information on their work visit their website.

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