Despite Manpower shortage JPD Still Investigating Misdemeanor Thefts


The Joplin Police Department wants residents to know, despite the staff shortage, they are still investigating misdemeanor thefts.  

Late last month the department was forced to take drastic measures, cutting back on some of the services offered by the department. 

One of them being, no more officers at 5k’s.

Another, detectives will no longer be assigned to misdemeanor thefts. 

That doesn’t mean they’ll go un-noticed, simply a normal officer will do the leg work on the case.

“The officer that takes that call will do a little bit of follow up once they take that call there just won’t be a detective assigned to that case because we need to focus on our felony thefts and our felony assaults, regular assaults and things like that.” said Chief Matt Stewart JPD. 

Chief Stewart adds this isn’t something the department wanted to do.

But with short staffing, they had to make changes to keep residents safe.

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