Department of Defense reports active duty military members twice as likely to be food insecure


JOPLIN, Mo. — The U.S. Department of Defense reports active duty members of the military are food insecure, two times the national average.

The pandemic has shifted some active duty soldiers around the country away from military bases, which has lead to some of them, as well as their family members, without a support system.

And they’re left struggling to come up with enough money to buy food.

“Crosslines Ministries of Joplin” Executive Director Rodney Rambo says it’s an all too often occurrence.

“We’ve always seen a regular influx of military families here at Crosslines, recently we saw, you know, talked to a military spouse who had their loved one just went to boot camp and so they’re for the first time trying to figure it out with the kids by themselves and needed to come and get some extra food, so that’s been pretty normal to us,” said Rodney Rambo, Executive Director, Crosslines Ministries of Joplin.

Rambo says it’s an honor and privilege to provide military families, or returning veterans with food when needed.

He says it’s the least Crosslines can do for those currently serving or having served their country in the past.

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