Dentists say to brush as soon a the first tooth appears in children


JOPLIN, Mo. — Parents may want to encourage their kids to start brushing their teeth as early as possible, to avoid major problems later in life.

Dentists are seeing more and more young children with decaying teeth and cavities.

Decay happens when bacteria in the mouth makes acids that attack the tooth’s surface or enamel.

So, dentists recommend parents bring their child in as early as 12 months old.

Initiating good practices now may benefit children later.

Dr. Conner Paustian, Dentist, said, “When we have juice, milk, you know any soda, anything like that, that washes over the teeth it is important to wash it off and brush it off or else it will sit on there over night and it will kind of start that decaying process.”

Dr. Paustin adds, as soon as that first tooth appears, it’s time to start brushing.

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