JAY — After a special meeting with Delaware County Commissioners, Sheriff Mark Berry resigned from his position, said David Poindexter, commissioner chairman on Wednesday.

Brian Berry, attorney for the former sheriff, did not return a email seeking comment.

The commissioners, Jake Callihan, and Poindexter approved 2-0 to accept Berry’s resignation. Conley Chesney, interim county commissioner for District 3 in southern Delaware County recused himself citing conflict of interest.

No comments were made after Berry’s resignation and no resignation letter was provided after the almost two-hour meeting. The contents of an executive session meeting are confidential and are not released to the public.

District Attorney Kenny Wright said at the conclusion of the meeting James Beck, the current undersheriff would serve as Delaware County Sheriff.

Beck will make the sixth sheriff for the county in the past 15 months.

Former Sheriff Harlin Moore declined to run for another term and stepped down on Sept. 30, when it was presumed Berry would take office.

But a Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training investigation halted Berry from taking office.

The Sheriff’s position was filled by Mark Wall, Brandon Houston and Mike Wilkerson, Berry’s opponent in the 2020 race until January when Berry took office after CLEET ruled “no adverse action is ordered against” Berry on allegations he falsified information on his CLEET application, in particular, giving false information about receiving a high school diploma.