JAY, Okla. — A Delaware County man accused of beating and torturing a woman is set to appear in court Jan. 19 where a plea hearing will be set.

Jake Atkins, 26, of Colcord appeared in court wearing orange jail clothes for Tuesday’s district court arraignment. 

Jeremy Bennett, Atkin’s attorney announced that a plea deal with the state was almost in place.

Atkins’ is charged in Delaware County District Court with two counts of assault and battery with intent to kill, first-degree rape – by force and fear, sodomy – by force and fear, two counts of kidnapping, five counts of domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, possession of firearms after conviction, maiming and rape by instrumentation.

Two law enforcement officers testified at Atkins preliminary hearing how the victim was “severely beaten and injured,” including bashing her head onto rocks and injecting her with methamphetamine and cutting her neck with a butcher knife.

Another way Atkins was accused of torturing the victim was by using a rope to tie her to a tree for six hours and using part of the rope as a noose around her neck, according to testimony.

Testimony showed in addition to various sexual assaults, the victim’s wrists were slit.