JAY, Okla. – A Delaware County woman tearful testified Thursday how she was tortured over a four-day period while the accuser was observed smirking during part of her testimony.

Jake Atkins, 26, of Colcord appeared in court wearing orange jail clothes and handcuffed for his preliminary hearing. He is charged in Delaware County District Court with assault and battery with intent to kill, first-degree rape – by force and fear, sodomy – by force and fear, kidnapping, domestic assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and possession of firearms after conviction.

Jake Atkins

Former Delaware County deputy Thomas Burden testified when he first saw the victim she was “severely beaten and injured.” The victim told Burden she was beaten by Atkins over several days, according to Burden’s testimony.

Delaware County deputy Brandon Houston testified he searched Atkin’s residence for a 5-gallon bucket because the victim had been “waterboarded” during the days she was tortured.

As the victim entered the courtroom, Atkins appeared to watch her as she took the stand. After a courtroom break, Houston admonished Atkins to “keep your eyes forward” when he was observed looking at the victim and her family.

“I was almost killed,” the victim testified when asked about her relationship with Atkins.

“He tried to drown me,” she said. “He bashed my head onto the rocks and pushed me underwater.”

The victim’s voice often choked up as she dabbed her eyes with a tissue and testified for over an hour how she was tied to a chair and injected with methamphetamine, struck with metal bars on her ribs and her neck was cut almost three inches with a butcher knife.

“The meth made me hysterical,” the victim testified during cross-examination by Jeremy Bennett, Atkin’s attorney.

“I was freaking out,” the victim said. “I felt hot, I was freaking out.”

Throughout the victim’s testimony, Atkins remained stoic and was observed with a smirking grin on his face when the victim’s testimony centered on being injected with methamphetamine.

Another way Atkins was accused of torturing the victim was by using a rope to tie her to a tree for six hours and using part of the rope as a noose around her neck, according to testimony.

Testimony showed in addition to various sexual assaults, the victim’s wrists were slit.

During cross-examination by Bennett, the victim testified they lived with Atkins’ parents.

The victim testified several times during examination by the prosecutor Adkins’ mother was present during the abuse and sometimes both parents were present during the abuse and torture.

Under cross-examination, the victim testified she was washing breakfast dishes and Atkins threw the dishes into the sink, breaking the sink and then breaking his mother’s freezer.

Atkin’s dragged the victim outside.

“His mother saw it,” the victim testified.

The victim was rescued when a woman saw her walking down a road with huge bruises all her face, testimony showed.

After Special Judge Nick Lelecas held Atkin’s over for trial, eight more charges were filed against Atkins ranging from maiming by biting, rape by instrumentation, four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery with intent to kill and kidnapping.