Dehric Cox wins Golden Lion Award


Missouri Southern State University is excited to offer the Golden Lion Award again this year. It’s because of generous sponsors, H.E. Williams, Inc. and Nexstar Broadcasting, that they are able to award $12,000 in Golden Lion awards each year. Each month (September-April) Missouri Southern State University will choose one deserving area Senior to receive a $1,000 MSSU scholarship. In June, MSSU will award one of those students with a $5,000 scholarship

While there are many scholarships which recognize academic, athletic or other talents, the purpose of the Golden Lion scholarship is to recognize service. Recipients do not have to be an accomplished musician, a star athlete or the smartest kid in class. They simply must have demonstrated a desire to positively impact their community.

Please take a moment to nominate a deserving High School Senior who has made a positive difference by volunteering in their school, civic organization, church or community.

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Our latest winner of the Golden Lion Award comes from Joplin High School.

Joplin High School Junior Dehric Cox loves music.

“I just like to surround myself with music in general,” says Dehric Cox.

He’s been playing the saxophone for six years.

“It’s just been a really good experience. I’ve had a lot of fun with it. And just playing the saxophone, you just get to play all kinds of different musics and different styles,” says Dehric Cox.

But it’s not just the high school band.

“You can also join pit for uh plays and musicals and then show choir band which I’m also in. And then there’s jazz band and then there’s marching band and concert band; and then there’s also – I’m also in woodwind choir,” says Cox.

And Dehric takes that love of music, the sax and band – and shares it with others.

“I try to set a good example sometimes as best as I can. And then I really try to help our freshmen out with playing saxophone. Or just anything in general like on the field whether it’s reading a drill chart or just anything that they’re having trouble with,” says Cox.

He’s already making plans to help the newest members of the band adjust next year.

“Got some, a lot of good incoming freshmen,” says Dehric Cox.

Something that doesn’t come as a surprise to JHS teacher Michelle Espinosa.

“If you need something you go to Dehric – he has kinda taken the lead on setting up our show choir band. And now he’s gotten it to the point where we’ve got so many people that want to be in the show choir band with us – that we have to audition them which is a good problem to have,” says Michelle Espinosa.

Graduation is still a year away, but Dehric has a goal.

“I plan on going to MSSU, and then probably minor in music and then major in criminal justice,” says Dehric Cox.

To learn more about the Golden Lion Award sponsored by Missouri Southern and Beimdiek Insurance, visit the link we’ve provided here.

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