PITTSBURG, Kan. — U.S. House of Representatives Candidate Michelle De La Isla stops in Southeast Kansas Saturday.

De La Isla held a rally at the Pritchett Pavilion in Pittsburg to talk to constituents ahead of the November election.

Topics covered at today’s rally included Police Reform, Coronavirus Response and Health Care.

De La Isla is in support of Medicaid expansion for the State of Kansas.

She says if she is elected, she will work to get more Kansans insured.

Michelle De La Isla, U.S. House of Representatives Candidate, says, “People are concerned about not having access to healthcare and this was even before the pandemic. And now, it’s been exacerbated, we had a great opportunity twice, more than twice to pass Medicaid expansion, we have not done that. We’ve had four hospitals close, my commitment is to ensure that the affordable care act which is the only legislation that protects preexisting conditions is covered, and we have Medicaid expansion dollars available for when Kansas finally does the expansion.”

De La Isla Is facing Kansas Treasurer Jake Laturner to represent the Second Congressional District of Kansas in D.C.

She also made stops in Columbus and parsons as well this afternoon.