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David & Debra Humphreys donate $1 million to MSSU

Missouri Southern already prides itself for having one of the lowest tuitions of any public university in the Show-Me State. But for about 40 students, the cost of attending will be even more affordable thanks to a million-dollar donation made by Debra and David Humphreys.
President Dr. Alan Marble says the university will use that money to provide $100,000 worth of scholarships each year over the next ten years.
“We certainly hope that this this reduces the pressure on students to get outside work so they can spend more time studying. These kind of scholarship gifts are very, very important to students and to their life on campus,” explained MSSU President Dr. Alan Marble. 
David Humphreys is the C.E.O. and President of Tamko Building Products and his wife, Debra played an integral role in the development of Thomas Jefferson Independent Day School. Humphreys calls the donation an investment for the Four State area.
“David and I decided to make this contribution because we think that Missouri Southern serves a vital role in our community of providing accessible and affordable quality education to local students,” explained higher education proponent Debra Humphreys.
In order to qualify as a Humphreys scholar, recipients must have met certain requirements, such as having at least a 3.7 high school or collegiate grade point average, as well as graduating from a high school within 50 miles of MSSU.
“And that these people that graduate and live in our area and are from our area will add to our community not just through their own individual success, but through all they will in terms of giving back to their community,” Humphreys added.
Scholarship money will pay for at least 50% of tuition costs for recipients.