Damage assessment begins in Barton County, emergency management working on disaster declaration


Now emergency management personnel are beginning the process of assessing just how much damage was done in Barton County Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service came through Thursday morning, but then returned in the afternoon when more damage was discovered.

Golden City Emergency Management Director Jeron Beylou says so far, six homes are known to be destroyed. Beylou says at the same time the survey has been going on, city leaders have been working with Barton County Emergency Management on a disaster declaration, which, if approved, would open the door for more funds for cleanup and recovery. Beylou says while volunteers helped get the roads opened Wednesday night, right now, what they need is to be able to do their jobs.

“Right now all we are trying to do is get the surveying done of the storm damage, and we ask that the public stay out of the damaged area, so we can get through and get this thing surveyed, so we can get on with our lives,” says Beylou.

Beylou says Golden City residents did lose power Wednesday night, but that the storm did relatively little damage in town. He says as bad as the storm was, early warnings from emergency management and the National Weather Service likely kept it from being much worse.

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