Cyber Security


Many of us feel like our whole life is tied to our cell phone – and that’s just one device that’s at risk to cyber attack. Then there’s everything on the laptop, not to mention your computer at work. But it could all be a risk if you don’t safeguard yourself.

You may stay up to date on your personal computer and even your tablet. But cyber risks don’t stop there.

“We now have more mobile devices than computers in the world so they are actively looking at ways to gain access to your phones,” says John Motazedi with SNC2.

So one of the top ways to increase virtual security is to stay current – update software on PCs, tablets and phones – and especially virus protection. And when was the last time you updated your passwords?

“A lot of folks are using the same password for everything, so their Amazon and their social media/Facebook and their Instagram. And all these passwords are the same. So the second one of them gets compromised, they are all compromised,” says John Motazedi.

And it doesn’t have to be something impossible to remember.

“Now it’s more so about how long the password is and maybe have a phrase in there like today is a happy good day,” says Motazedi.

Remember not to enter personal information on any device when you’re using public WiFi. Consider limiting the information you share on social media. And think twice about downloading that free app.  

“What you’re paying with might be information, personal information about you. Where you go, what your likes are, what your dislikes are, what you buy, who you visit, who your friends are. And that is used to entice you into buying, making purchases or doing things that might be beneficial to them,” says Motazedi.

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