Cyber Monday


Today, there’s no standing in the check out line for 10, 20 or 30 minutes – how about a few clicks and the next gift is in the mail. It’s Cyber Monday – a big shopping day for customers and online shops.

I don’t like a line with five people, so imagine standing in line with 75 million shoppers. That would be a nightmare in person – but it’s basically what’s happening for digital purchases today.

“Toys for the grandkids – dinosaurs, robots, dolls,” says Stephanie Denham, Joplin shopper.

They’re all on Stephanie Denham’s online shopping list. Things she didn’t find in stores in the last few days.

“I did try to find in Black Friday shopping to find one of the dinosaurs and I couldn’t do it,” says Denham.

And there are plenty of deals to lure Denham and other shoppers to the web. Percentage discounts, buy one/get one and free shipping are just a few of the bargains to be had this Cyber Monday. Online buying can round out the purchase options for shoppers. And it can help raise a business profile for someone like Jen Williams.

“This is a big deal for myself and other entrepreneurs,” says Jen Williams, Online Chef.

The Joplin chef sells her cheesecakes exclusively online.

“I think my my seasonal favorite right now is warm cinnamon comfort which is a cinnamon roll cheesecake with real cream cheese icing on top,” says Jen Williams.

This is her first Cyber Monday.

“It could be overwhelming or it could be a really really fantastic day orders coming in,” says Williams.

If there are enough extra orders, she says she’ll be baking up a storm on Tuesday – a challenge she’s ready to tackle.

“I absolutely love what I do,” says Williams.

Of course, Cyber Monday marks the end of a five day weekend that most shoppers consider the official kick off for Christmas shopping. Today is second only to Black Friday – a total of 164 million shoppers throughout the weekend.

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