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If you think hackers only go after big businesses, think again. What to prepare for ahead of time may be the determining factor in whether or not a company survives after one.

Lanny Morrow is an expert in the field of cyber attacks and the message he shared with members of the Joplin business community may not be what they want to hear. That there are only two types of businesses, those that have already been hit with a cyber attack and those that will be.

“It’s really important for people to understand that you’re probably going to suffer a cyber attack individually or professionally at some point down the road and we need to know what to do when that moment happens,” says Lanny Morrow, Data Scientist, BKD.

Morrow was one of the speakers at the Cyber Awareness 360 event put on by the Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Center on the campus of MSSU. He says taking the correct steps ahead of time could determine in they survive afterwards. And he says it begins with putting a plan in place ahead of time called incident response.

“It swings team members into motion, it allows for contacting those individuals and step by step telling you what to do in an incident because often times there’s a lot of panic and emotion involved in a cyber incident and you need that document to kind of calm you down and guide you step by step through the process,” says Lanny Morrow.

Morrow says it’s also a good idea for business owners to take out a cyber insurance policy to help keep the company going after an incident. He says traditional fraud loss policies often don’t provide coverage from successful cyber attacks. And Laken Harrell, a security analyst for Walmart, says owners can’t afford to miss when it comes to hiring.

“Just understanding the risks knowing what to look for when your hiring cyber security professionals knowing some of those key terms to be able to communicate with those new hires and to be able to build that trust and relationship,” says Laken Harrell, Walmart Cyber Security Analyst.

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