Cyber attack on Crowder College servers makes enrollment process difficult


NEOSHO, Mo. – Hackers attacked Crowder College servers, making enrollment a difficult process this year.

The attack was discovered on July 11th by Crowder’s IT Department who immediately shut down all servers on campus. The attackers also demanded an undisclosed ransom from the school which Crowder President Dr. Glenn Coltharp did not entertain the idea of paying.

While the servers were down, the college’s faculty had to revert to old methods of getting things done like pencil and paper enrollment. Crowder’s first order of business was getting payroll and account payables up and running. Then student enrollment and transcripts. After that, assure there is no repeat to this incident.

“We’ve been working with FBI and Cyber Security Insurance people to make sure we do everything right so when all the systems come back up, this doesn’t happen again.”

Cindy Brown, Crowder Director of Public Information

“At Crowder we always think of ourselves as a family and we’ve proven it during this time. I think we’ve made it through the tough times, and now we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Dr. Glenn Coltharp, Crowder College President

No student or employee information was breached during the cyber attack. Crowder is set to have their campus servers up and running for the first day of classes on August 18th.

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