CTEC offers new employment and training program

“Overwhelmed, excited, but I’m ready and I’m ready to pass and make this goal,” said Marlene Oberdorf, future CTEC student.
Marlene Oberdorf is ready to generate opportunities to attain lifelong success. She’s taken advantage of the new partnership between the Kansas Department of Children and Families and CTEC.
“It’s another opportunity for us to reach out in the community and provide new types of opportunities for individuals who are on food stamps who might like to get an opportunity to learn some new skills for employability training,” said Michelle Hucke, CTEC Executive Director. 
CTEC and DCF has launched a new employment and training pilot program called “GOALS,” which stands for Generating Opportunities to Attain Lifelong Success.
“I’m looking to better myself, I’m getting older and not getting younger and I just want to take the opportunity to take into this program and see what I can do with myself,” said Oberdorf.
The students will learn math, reading and language art skills that are specific to work.
“They will be coached on interviewing, they will have mock interviews, and then they will actually, toward the end of this class, have actual interviews with the HR staff from area employers,” said Karen Sooter, Pittsburg Adult Education Center Director. 
Oberdorf hopes this training will open the doors to a full time job with benefits.
“I want to go forward and you know and make better money, better opportunities,” said Oberdorf.
Along with the new pilot program, the Career Center received a new computer lab that includes new furniture.
“The computers are an integral part of the Partners for Success Program through the Kansas Department of Children and Families, but it’s also a really great opportunity for the students CTEC to have access to new classes,” said Hucke. 

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