The Auto Tech Program at Crowder College has received accreditation by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation. Students in Crowder’s program  will now be certified in eight different areas ranging from engine repair, automatic and manual transmission, to suspension and steering.
Crowder instructors say this means graduates meet strict national industry standards upon completion of the Auto Tech Program curriculum.
“This one we qualified with more hours and more areas, so they gave us the Automotive Service Technology certification, which just means that we teach more subjects, and have enough contact hours with the students,” said Auto Tech instructor Kirk Roelfsema.
Auto Tech instructor Kirk Roelfsema says gone are the days you can walk off the street and get hired in a garage. Now, the repair process is much more computer based than ever before.
“You need much more training. We have seven different scan tools that we train them on, and most of the equipment we have is state of the art — typically what they would run into at the shops and dealerships of the area,” explained Roelfsema.
“My dad’s done it, my grandpa’s done it, and it’s just kind of in my family. So, I figured it’s probably with me too,” said Crowder Auto Tech student Trevor Lambeth.
Trevor Lambeth will finish the Auto Tech Program at Crowder in May. He already works at an area dealership on the body shop side, but his dream is to eventually be his own boss.
“My goal is to get certified in the body shop and the mechanics, so I can hopefully open my own shop,” said Lambeth.