Crowder works to ease student stress at finals time


NEOSHO, Mo. — Finals are just around the corner and, for several students, the end of the semester can be overwhelming.

Jamie Ward, Counselor, Crowder College, said, “Life doesn’t stop because they are in school.”

Crowder College in Neosho is providing activities for students when they are feeling anxious about acing their tests.

Amber Ferry, 2nd Yr. Student, Crowder College, said, “It helps us really calm down and everything before finals or during finals so we don’t have to overwhelm ourselves.”

Amber Ferry is studying for 5 tests this semester, so these coloring pages are helping her escape the stress.

“I like to do fun things sometimes to forget about studying for a little bit.”

During finals week, students can make thank you cards to those who’ve lent a helping hand.

And breakfast is available at the Student Center if they forget to eat in the morning.

“At this age they sometimes forget the most important things which are a good nights sleep, eating breakfast, taking care of themselves,” said Ward.

The goal is to encourage students to make time for themselves outside of studying, which in turn helps them stay focused when studying.

“If you have good quality study time even a shorter amount is a better than a long time interrupted not so good study time.”

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