In an age of multitasking, students aren’t solely focused on their education when in school.
Crowder College administration is seeing a pattern of students balancing course work with other priorities, but they have found a way to help. The administration is seeing students not stick to a traditional schedule anymore, and have more things to juggle like work, family, and friends. So the school is starting a one-of-a-kind program that allows students to have less coursework, but still be a full-time student.
“It was definitely a little tough to be like, ‘Okay, what comes first?’ I had a lot of lists everywhere,” says Amy Leyva.
College student Amy Leyva has felt the pressure of balancing work-
“So I work part time here, so that’s about 19 hours,” says Leyva.
And being a full-time student, taking 20 hours of classes.
“I know that the opportunity of school is not given lackadaisically, it’s precious,” says Leyva.
“Our responsibility as a community college is to serve every kind of student there is,” says Cindy Brown.
Crowder administration has noticed the shift in education with students looking at how it will fit into their lives.
“That’s why we have traditional classes, we have twilight classes, we have evening classes,” says Brown.
And now a new opportunity for students. Through a Title 3 grant, Crowder is implementing a new style of higher educational learning called uConnect where students can still be considered a full-time student, but not take so many classes at once.
“So for example when I take 15 credit hours a semester that’s usually 5 classes. The first 8 weeks I’ll do two of those classes and then the next 8 weeks I’ll do the other three classes, so I’m still getting my 15 hours a semester, but I’m only studying two or three subjects at a time,” says Cindy Brown.
“You have time to breathe. You have a lot of time to breathe, and just take a step back, because you need that for your mental health,” says Amy Leyva.
Crowder will start uConnect this fall. And with technology becoming more prevalent in education, as the program progresses, Crowder is looking to add online or partial online classes.