Crowder Quill teams up with Theatre Department for contest


NEOSHO, Mo. — The Crowder Quill Class is working with the Theatre Department for a contest.

Natasha Obrien-Davies, Crowder College, Theater Director, said “It gives my students and our creative team a opportunity to stretch our legs a little bit and say, okay, how can I make this poem something that is inactive on stage. And it’s a challenge for the theater practitioner and it’s also gonna be something beautiful for the community members to either participate in or to watch it come to life on stage.”

The Crowder Quill Art and Literary Magazine is collaborating with the theatre department for the 2021 contest. It’s focused on current events, social issues, and the pandemic.

“You know whether it’s humor that we found during our time in isolation or maybe you know a story that being stuck at home with your family reminded a script a time long ago great! So, it could be current or it could something that you were just inspired by. Time, you know, in this very unusual time in the world so I think what we are looking for just people to get brave and explore there thoughts and explore the honesty what the pandemic has maybe taught them or reveal to them.”

The competition is an invitation to Crowder College as well as Neosho High and Middle Schools. They’ll be competing for awards and publications in fiction, non-fiction and many other categories.

Latonia Bailey, Communications Instructor And Quill Advisor, Crowder College, said, “I am super excited for this collaboration. I don’t know where she got the idea but it’s a great one and I’m like yeah! Let’s get on board with this and do it together and see how this end product can be something better different than what we’ve had before”

Winners will be told by mid-March and the theatre performance will be April 23-24.

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