Crowder College’s Agriculture Program farm gets upgraded components to enhance student learning


NEOSHO, Mo. — Ag students at Crowder College now have a more enhanced way of learning.

It’s all thanks to a multitude of upgrades and additions. The college’s farm in Neosho is nearly 300-acres — and now has eight new and improved components.

Agriculture students at Crowder College are lucky enough to see many changes to the schools farm. Not only will these changes better their learning — but hopefully help prepare them for the future.

“Of course, everybody is going to have a boss at sometime, so by having clear directions and being able to follow those directions of course makes it a valuable employee and makes it a valuable student in the future as well. So the more practice they get on that the better off they are,” said Jorge Zapata – Crowder Agriculture Division Chair and Instructor.

The program includes fixed fencing, a new pig facility, new extensive grazing paddocks for sheep and goats, and forages in several pastures. Something that second year student Jordan Witt says helps him learn outside of his specialized skill set.

“Having these stored things will help us to see different operations and how they work. Before, I’m from a beef standpoint, so I don’t know much about pigs or sheep for example, so having these different facilities really allows me to learn a lot more about different kinds of livestock,” said Jordan Witt – Crowder College James L-Earner Scholar.

Witt adds it will also teach him to help different farmers.

“Being able to learn more about sheep will really will be able to help me in my future career to help other farmers besides somebody that’s just in beef production,” said Witt.

And it wouldn’t have been possible without help from the community and thousands of man hours.

“We have had some wonderful support from the community, and by those partnerships and developing those partnerships further we’re able to fund many of those ideas we had,” said Zapata.

In addition to the updates, Crowder also has a new farm operations manager — Staci Garvin. Zapata believes her ability to interact with the students will also take their learning to another level.

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