Crowder College working to make getting a degree easier for students


NEOSHO, Mo. — Crowder College is helping its students earn an associate degree with ease.

Cindy Brown, Crowder College, said, “It’s great to have students back on campus.”

Crowder College is making it easier for students to get an associate degree.

“We’re not the university where we can be selective and stuff. We serve a wide variety of students.”

This semester the college is offering more classes on Mondays through Thursdays and fewer on Fridays.

Students also have the opportunity to take online classes rather than in-person.

“Trying to make it a little bit more convenient for students because we find a lot of students work and so the better we can give them opportunities, get the classes to them in the way that’s easiest.”

The college offers Stackable Credentials meaning students can earn certificates that can be a stepping stone to earn an Associate of Applied Science and focus on their personal goals.

“I come in and do one semester and be able to go get a job and then come back and work a little more and work a little more so I can get to that AAS degree.”

These decisions were made to make sure students have the time to balance work and education.

“No matter what the number of students we have in is we want everybody to come in and by the time they graduate or the end of the semester be successful. So whatever we can do to help them to get to that point obviously something we want to do.”

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