Crowder College keeps drug-free stance in midst of MO’s legalization of medical marijuana


NEOSHO, Mo.–Medical marijuana laws have recently changed in the state of Missouri–it’s now legal. But, that hasn’t changed on the federal level–which is why Crowder College isn’t changing their policy.

“The fact we are awarded federal funds would make it difficult for us right now to say we would accept it,” Crowder VP of Student Affairs Tiffany Slinkard explained. “At this point, we have to say we would not allow the use of medical marijuana on campus.”

That’s because of the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act. It’s a federal law giving institutions federal financial assistance if the school establishes drug and alcohol abuse prevention programs.

“We could be told that we can’t give away federal financial aid if we allow marijuana,” Slinkard added.

So, just because medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Missouri doesn’t mean it’s legal on Crowder’s campus.

“It’s obviously new for us in Missouri and at this point I don’t think we are able to create a policy.”

Students are not allowed to use it on campus, in resident halls, and facilities. Crowder College has been following the law since it was established in 1989.

“If a student or an adult had medical marijuana legal prescription to take the drug, we have the right in Missouri to do so–it just doesn’t mean they have the right to the medical marijuana on campus.”

If a student possesses marijuana for non-legal purposes, the student will be disciplined as well.

“We are bound by federal law because we have federal funds awarded to us, and we are in Missouri and there are Missouri laws that apply to our citizens into our students. It’s important we study both and we make wise decisions, make wise policies that work best for our campus community.”

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