Crowder College is going into round 3 for funding from their emergency relief fund


NEWTON COUNTY, MO – Crowder College is entering the third round of funding to help with financial issues that have come up because of the pandemic.

Amy Rand says that the “Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund” has helped them with many expenses they’ve ran into during the pandemic.

“As a small public community college funded by state appropriations, those can be limited at times. So, we have seen less state appropriations in the last few years, so the federal stimulus dollars added to our budget has been extremely helpful in providing the financial resources for the college.” Says Amy Rand, Crowder College Vice President of Finance.

Now entering its third round of HEERF funding, Crowder College received around $1,300,000 for students and approximately $4,200,000 for the institution.

Rand says this will help students out greatly.

“Many of our students need the funds to pay for their college, to pay fir child care, to pay for potential loss of job they experienced.” Says Rand.

Student Ambassador for Crowder College, Macy Smith, says past funds the college has received has helped her greatly.

“The cares act money that I received was super helpful with not having to worry about as much living expenses, because it was money that I could use not just for school, but any resources I need in general.” Says Smith.

Smith adds it’s not just her, but many students are grateful for the help.

“Not just for me, but I think I can speak for a lot of students in general that it was super, super beneficial and very thankful for that extra help.” Says Smith.

As far as the school, it’s expected for money to go towards more technology, infrastructure, computer security, and more.

Crowder used money from HEERF two for air filtration systems, upgraded technology for online and remote learning and training for coursework online.

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