Crowder College hosts Esports tournament


NEOSHO, Mo. — Crowder College’s Esports team is taking advantage of social distancing and quarantining by hosting a tournament where participants can play from the comfort of their own home.

34 players entered the Esports tournament, playing the game “Smash Brothers” through one-on-one competitions.

The winner of the tournament receives three credit hours worth of tuition with the second place finisher earning Crowder bookstore merchandise.

Esports was added to the Crowder’s NJCAA programs this year, giving members the chance to play with other colleges around the country.

Manager, Jackson Lewis, said this is something they want to continue to do moving forward because it also provides the opportunity of getting to know the personalities of its members better.

Jackson Lewis, Crowder Esports Team Manager, says, “I really hope we can keep doing tournaments like this, and for no other reason then just to highlight the people behind the keyboard or the controller. Just like regular athletes, there’s more to them than just what they play. I think that sometimes people hear that someone’s a gamer, and they don’t go any further than that.”

The tournament is set to wrap up this weekend with the semifinal and final match-ups being live-streamed by Crowder College.

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