Crowder College hosts Constitution Day on the anniversary of the U.S. Constitution’s ratification


NEOSHO, Mo. — One of the most important documents in the history of our country is celebrating an anniversary this friday.

The U.S. Constitution was ratified on this date, way back in 1787 in Philadelphia.

To mark that important event, Crowder College hosts a Constitution Day event each September 17th.

In recent years, the college has used the date to allow members of the speech and debate club to hone their oratory skills.

This year’s topic for debate was the use of military drone strikes.

“Whether they’re effective or not, and then also, should there be, should they be able to have an Executive Order to be given to have a drone strike without Congress knowing,” said Cindy Brown, Dir., Public Information, Crowder College.

Brown says participating students debate current issues in a Lincoln-Douglas format.

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