Crowder College helps new students get ready for the spring semester


A local school is getting its students ready for the upcoming semester.

Crowder College’s main campus had its spring “Start Smart” session this afternoon. This event allows new students and family members to tour the campus, meet faculty and staff, and learn more about what they’ll experience this semester. The new students could also get more information about clubs on campus, get their I.T. passwords and usernames set, and buy books before classes begin on Monday.

“It’s always been for me on a personal level, very satisfactory to see those students the rest of the semester. Now they know who I am, I know who they are, we greet each other in the hallway and make a positive connection from the very beginning that will last hopefully throughout their career here,” says J.P. Dickey, Director of Admissions.

The Neosho campus has been doing the start smart orientation for the past six years, but only added the spring session last year.

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