Crowder College art students get opportunity to test new medium


NEOSHO, Mo. — Art students at Crowder College are getting the chance to test their skills in a very high tech way.

Hannah Turner, Crowder Student, said, “I’ve seen videos of them on YouTube but I haven’t experimented with them before.”

So, Intro to 3D Design was the perfect opportunity for Crowder student Hannah Turner.

“I think being able to experiment with 3D design will be a good stepping stone.”

She’s part of the first ever class using 3D printing pens. Josh Novak describes it as a kind of super charged glue gun.

Josh Novak, Crowder Art Teacher, said, “You have to load it full of filament and a little motor pushes the filament through.”

Since it’s still early in the semester, students are working on understanding the basics.

“So we’re using basic geometric shapes that gives the students a chance to learn the skills of the tool and not push it too fast,” said Novak.

The product is similar to that of a 3D printer, with a twist.

“What a 3D printer lacks is that improvisation when something goes wrong. And these are fraught with mistakes, but gives students a chance to adapt and evolve through their pieces.”

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