Crowder Ag students take 10 day study abroad trip to Costa Rica


NEOSHO, Mo. — Crowder College students studied abroad to learn agriculture.

Earlier this month, 25 students from Crowder College went to Costa Rica for 10 days and earned college credit.

Jett Bowers, Crowder College student, said, “People say Ag here is very difficult but we get to ride in tractors, you know, they are hand harvesting stuff out in the heat, its very warm there.”

Students were selected to go based upon how many volunteer hours they did to support the agriculture program at school.

“If you make the points requirement then you are put in the running and based off who has the most points depends on your cost to go.”

In Costa Rica, students visited dairy and coffee farms as well as a pineapple plantation.

Reid Beard, Crowder College student, said, “We got to tour the fields, the packing plant and everything and they’re were really in depth of how everything worked and a lot of times we got to do hands-on activities that really kinda showed you what an everyday routine is for a worker.”

During the journey, students wrote journal entries about their experience.

Jessica Barker, Crowder College student, said, “That was just cool because whenever you were writing them you can look back on what you have done and kinda go through the memories again.”

The goal of the trip was to educate students about agriculture in another place and learn how climate affects food production.

“You came home with a new appreciation for how we do Ag versus how they do it just because of even the climate difference here and there,” said Beard.

Jett Bowers, Crowder College student, said, “To see two totally different fields of agriculture that we will never see, I’ll never forget and it was a neat thing to learn while I was there.”

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