JOPLIN, Mo. — Athletes from across the country were in Joplin remembering fallen members of law enforcement.

This weekend the Monster Games made its return to Missouri Southern State University.

The Crossfit competition was broken down into ten events, each honoring a member of law enforcement who lost their lives over the past year.

This includes Joplin police officer Jake Reed and Corporal Benjamin Cooper who were honored during event five.

Monster Games was put together by Midwestern Built, a Joplin based Crossfit Gym.

They were helped by sponsorships and over 150 volunteers from around the community.

“We spend a lot of time on it. We try to create an athlete experience that is unlike any other you can get anywhere else, so by doing that and to put all that work in and see all the people that come, so many people being able to do things that they don’t get to do every weekend together works out really well,” says Jason Ansley, Monster Games Director.

Around 600 athletes from 39 states and three countries swam, ran and even walked on their hands over the course of the weekend.

This includes Shaylin Laure, a member of Federal Law Enforcement, Worlds Fittest Military Veteran and two time Worlds Fittest Law Enforcement Officer.

“So the Monster Games has done the ‘Thin Blue Line’ theme this year, which obviously hits home with me, but then today was extra special because events nine and ten happened and they were for the two agents that were killed in Miami last year, so I have this awesome ‘Live Like Laura’ shirt for Laura Schwartzenberger, and that was event nine and Daniel was killed with her and that was for event ten and for me, all weekend was in honor of a fallen officer or agent, which when you are digging deep into the pain cave and you’re suffering, if you’re thinking about the theme and the ‘End of Watch’ theme, it makes you push so much harder than if you don’t have that why,” says Shaylin Laure, Federal Law Enforcement.

Part of the money raised will be going towards Go Ministries.