Cross-country bicycle race runs through the four-state region


A cross-country bicycle race will run right through the four-state region over the next several days.

Participants of the Trans AM Bike Race 2019 left the Oregon coast 12 days ago to begin their long journey. The path of the race will go through Chanute, Pittsburg, and Golden City before steering towards the southeast side of Missouri. Omar Di Felice, who is originally from Rome, Italy, is one of the racers taking part in the event. One of the biggest obstacles of his long trip has been adapting to the condition of his body while traveling many miles during the first few days. He says he’s now more prepared as each day passes. While he’s participated in other races before, including a cross-state journey through Alaska, this event was important for him to cross off his list.
“I’m an ultra cyclist and usually I do this kind of experience, but for sure, the cross of the United States of America is a one in a lifetime experience,” says Omar Di Felice, race participant.

Omar’s goal is to reach the end of the race in Yorktown, Virginia in 20 days, but would like to finish one or two days prior to that.

You can track Omar’s progress in the big race, along with all the other participants, by clicking here.

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