Stedarrish Herman and Bernia Herman

PARSONS, Kan. — Friday morning, Parsons police announced they had captured a man wanted in connection to a neighborhood shootout.

And late Friday afternoon (6/2), the Labette County Prosecutor filed charges against Stedarrish Herman. Those include three counts of attempted first degree murder, criminal discharge of a firearm, and aggravated endangering a child.

Officers arrested Herman late Thursday night following an hours-long standoff with police. They set up a perimeter around part of the Parsons Village apartment complex on 13th Street and evacuated several of the apartments for their safety.

After more than 3 hours and multiple attempts to get Herman to come out on his own, police went inside and arrested him without incident.

Prosecutors also filed similar charges against Herman’s sister, Bernia, who police say drove him from the scene of the shooting. She’s facing a total of six charges: Attempted first degree murder, criminal discharge of a firearm, obstruction, two counts of child endangerment, and battery.

Also arrested at the scene was another man for multiple criminal charges unrelated to Herman’s case.


Shooting suspect’s sister arrested after being left at crime scene of neighborhood shootout

PARSONS, Kan. — The Parsons Police Department releases more information about their hunt for a man suspected of inciting a shootout in city neighborhood on Wednesday.

Stedarrish Stefon Herman

Parsons police responded to a call about an incidence of criminal damage to property shortly before noon Wednesday at a location in the 1600 block of Kennedy. There, callers reported a man had used a hatchet to destroy a vehicle. But before officers could arrive, a similar incident was called in near the 800 block of S. 35th St.

As authorities arrived at both sites another officer says he recognized 20-year-old Stedarrish Herman driving a gold Buick Century and attempted to stop him. Herman fled on foot into a wooded area, escaping officers.

That original call for a shooting Wednesday took place following this short pursuit, with Herman allegedly shooting into homes, an O’Reilly’s delivery vehicle, and a Parson’s business, Dwayne’s Photo, near the 3100 block of Grand Ave. Police say the shootout happened around 1 PM, about an hour after the first call for criminal damage to property.

Witnesses in the area identified the suspect as Herman. They said he started firing into a house when the occupants of the house returned fire, reportedly hitting Herman. Police say he then sped away from the shooting, but not before leaving his sister, 26-year-old Bernia Herman, stranded at the scene.

Bernia Herman

Officers arrested Bernia Herman and booked her on charges of aiding and abetting attempted murder in the 1st degree, aggravated child endangerment, obstructing apprehension of prosecution, battery, and endangering a child.

Police say the black Mercedes Herman was last seen driving, was recovered an hour later. Parsons police got a search warrant for the house where his car was found, but Herman was not inside. But investigators say they did collect evidence they believe is related to the shooting.

PPD says Herman is the lone suspect in the criminal damage reports and for inciting the shootout. He is 5’5″ and weighs about 180lbs. Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call PPD at (620) 421-7060. Police say he is considered armed and dangerous.