JASPER COUNTY, Mo. — The Jasper County Sheriff’s Office is at the forefront of an investigation that led to the recovery and return of over $91,000 worth of stolen property.

Deputies received a report of stolen property on September 10 earlier this year. The stolen items included a Ford truck, a flatbed trailer, three Grasshopper commercial lawnmowers, and landscaping tools worth over $3,500. In total, the value of the stolen property amounted to $92,588.

The investigation continued on September 11 when detectives applied for and successfully obtained a search warrant for an address on Eve Road in Webb City, Missouri, officials say. The majority of the stolen items were discovered and recovered at this location.

Kenneth Pippin, a 48-year-old resident of Webb City, was arrested at the time and now faces charges of Felony Stealing.

Kenneth Pippin, 48, of Webb City.

The investigation didn’t end there. On November 2nd, detectives continued their work identifying two additional suspects involved in the theft. Terry E. Ward, a 62-year-old individual from Miami, Oklahoma, was located in Oklahoma, and Jasper County Detectives conducted an interview that resulted in charges being filed against Ward for Felony Stealing.

The last suspect, Christopher Cody Gordon, a 36-year-old resident of Webb City, was contacted and arrested with charges subsequently submitted to the Prosecutor’s Office for Felony Stealing.

Christopher Cody Gordon, 36, of Webb City.

Throughout this investigation, all suspects involved were identified and arrested, or charges were submitted. The investigation led to the recovery of approximately $91,398 worth of stolen property. These items were rightfully returned to their owner.