STONE COUNTY, Mo. — A Lawrence County murder suspect fails to appear in Stone County court on the day he was scheduled to reach a plea deal, and now a warrant has been issued for his arrest.

Frankie Sheridan, 30, had already signed papers pleading guilty to kidnapping before Monday’s hearing. As part of that agreement, multiple other charges, including first-degree murder, would be dismissed against him.

Those charges are connected to an August 2020 incident where several suspects kidnapped Sarah Pasco and another woman, forced them into a well, and shot them. Pasco died, but the other woman survived by playing dead until the suspects left.

According to court papers, Sheridan did not appear in court Monday morning, prompting the judge to issue a warrant for his arrest on the original charges against him. Monday afternoon, he was arrested by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office on a failure to appear warrant for drug and gun charges filed this year. He posted a $4,000 bond two hours later and was released.

This is Sheridan’s second warrant for failure to appear.