TULSA, Okla. — A Kansas City Chiefs superfan accused of robbing a Tulsa bank said he is homeless and has no money, according to a pauper’s affidavit.

Xavier Michael Babudar, 28, known for wearing a wolf mask to Chiefs games, is charged with robbing the Tulsa Teacher Credit Union in Bixby on December 16TH around 9:45 AM while wearing a mask.

Bixby police recovered a paintball mask along with money in Babudar’s backpack when he was taken into custody, according to a Bixby Police report.

He is being held in the Tulsa County jail on $200,000 bail, court records show.

Babudar filed the pauper’s affidavit on Dec. 22nd saying he had no money, was homeless, hadn’t had a job since 2020 and is seeking a public defender.   

He is to return to court on Jan. 20th for a preliminary hearing, court records show.

Witnesses told Bixby police officers the suspect had a firearm in his possession during the robbery and pointed the weapon at a bank employee’s chest telling the employee to take him to the bank vault, according to a Bixby Police Department report.

The suspect ordered the employee to open the vault and give him the one-hundred-dollar bills and if the bank employee failed to give him the money, he “would put a bullet in the employee’s head,” the report states.

The report states that the suspect, later identified as Babudar, was wearing a green hoodie with the hood up and a mask over his face, gloves on his hands and green pants.

Babudar was detained with a backpack that contained a paintball mask. ski goggles, paw gloves, green zip-up jacket and sweatpants, black shoes, a large Target bag that had a large amount of US currency, a black CO2 pistol, and other miscellaneous items, the report states.