CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. — A West Mineral man will serve time in prison for actions earlier this summer that interfered with law enforcement.

Sean Galloway, 46, received a 14-month prison sentence on Wednesday in Cherokee County District Court. The sentence stems from the standoff he initiated with law enforcement back in July where he barricaded himself inside a camper while in Weir after failing to appear in court.

Galloway eventually surrendered to authorities (below, left) and pleaded guilty to interfering with law enforcement later in August.

Galloway’s run-in with law enforcement started back in September 2021, when he attempted to evade a traffic stop, running from police into a wooded area before being captured.

He was held in the Cherokee County Jail until December of that year, and was then transferred to the Newton County jail on similar charges. After his release in Missouri, Galloway failed to appear in Cherokee County Court, leading to the brief stand off.