PITTSBURG, Kan. — We’re learning more about about what lead up to a manhunt in Crawford County earlier this week.

Pittsburg Police said it all started just before midnight Tuesday when officers responded to the 100 block of W. 23rd St. for reports 39-year-old Aaron Swink of Pittsburg was shooting windows out of a vehicle in that location, but had ran from the scene.

Two hours later police received two calls about gunshots in rapid succession in the 900 and 1100 blocks of W. 4th St.

About a half hour later, law enforcement agents spotted Swink in the Garden of Memories cemetery where officers said he fired shots at them and they returned fire.

This lead to a standoff for four hours.

Officers say that standoff ended when Swink drove off, leading to a pursuit that ended just south of Pittsburg when Swink’s vehicle crashed and ran into the woods.

Investigators took him into custody around 6:30 Tuesday evening.

During their investigation, Pittsburg Police received a report from employees of the probation and parole office that someone shot through the front glass of the building.

Swink is currently on parole, supervised through the Pittsburg office. He is considered the prime suspect in that shooting.