MIAMI, Okla. – A convicted sex offender seeking a relationship with a teenage boy dropped his attempt to have a protective order dismissed.

Attorneys for Kirk William Owen, 65, of Grove, filed a notice on Oct. 5 to withdraw Owen’s motion seeking to have a five-year protective order dismissed.

The family of a juvenile boy sought a protective order against the sex offender after he repeatedly contacted, and left sexually explicative messages and gifts for a then 11-year-old boy.

The two-page notice does not say why the motion was dropped, but court records show Owen was arrested in September and held in Beaver County, Oklahoma jail on no bail on an application to revoke a suspended sentence.

Owen pleaded no contest in 2002 in Beaver County District Court to sexually abusing young boys. A 2006 court order stated Owen had successfully completed probation but continues to be on an unsupervised basis.

The Beaver County Sheriff’s office confirmed Owen remains jailed. A Beaver County judge sealed Owen’s case and no other information is available on his current case.  

Owen sought to have the protective order dismissed saying there was no victim, and the protective order sets a bad precedent because it allows parents “the sole purpose in choosing who the victim can be friends with or date,” according to court papers filed by Owen.

According to court papers filed by Owen, a text message shows the sex offender said to the victim’s family he “would be a great role model” and the child “would benefit from his “experiences and wisdom.”

Owen also had a sexual abuse conviction on January 5, 1987, in Sedgwick County, Kansas.