MIAMI, Okla. – An Oklahoma sex offender was arrested Thursday after an Ottawa County District Court hearing where he sought to have a protective order dismissed allowing him to be around a teenage boy.

Kirk William Owen, 65, of Grove is being held in the Beaver County, Oklahoma jail on no bail on an application to revoke a suspended sentence, the Beaver County Sheriff’s office confirmed on Friday.

The Beaver County Court Clerk’s office said Owen’s file is restricted and sealed per a judge’s court order.

Owen was charged in 2000 in Beaver County District Court in Beaver with seven counts of lewd molestation. In 2002, he pleaded no contest to two charges and was sentenced to a 20-year suspended sentence and fined $2,500, according to online records.

A federal search warrant was served on Owens’ house and further criminal charges are anticipated upon the completion of the investigation, according to a Miami Police Department press release.

A May 2003 Beaver County, Oklahoma District Court court minute states:

“[T]hat Oklahoma Probation & Parole of Oklahoma DOC [Department of Corrections] is not supervising defendant’s probation; cannot as defendant is a Kansas resident; and, Oklahoma Probation & Parole is and has been released from any supervision of probation regarding defendant.  Further, the state of Kansas has refused to fulfill obligations accepting defendant’s probation and therefore the only supervision, though very informal at best, is defendant make reports (written/personally appearing) as ordered by the court.”

A 2006 court order stated Owen had successfully completed probation but continues to be on an unsupervised basis.

Owen was taken into custody after the conclusion of Thursday’s hearing where he sought to have a protective order filed against him by a family after Owen repeatedly contacted and left gifts for a then 11-year-old boy.

It is not the policy of KSN/KODE to identify juveniles or in this case the family of the juvenile.

Prior to the hearing, Owen was observed lurking around a private conference room where the victim’s family was meeting prior to the hearing. A court official admonished Owen saying there was a protective order in place.

Owen is seeking the protective order dismissed saying there was no victim and the protective order sets a bad precedent because it allows parents “the sole purpose in choosing who the victim can be friends with or date,” according to court papers filed by Owen.

Court documents show Owen sent text messages to the victim’s family saying “he “would be a great role model” and the child “would benefit from his “experiences and wisdom.”


Owen’s court documents say the registered sex offender owns $300,000 Grove lake home, receives oil royalties and has a Porsche.

He was wanted for questioning by the Crawford County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office for enticing kids with candy.

In July, Owen was seen – wearing only underwear and a shirt – driving a white convertible Corvette and had contacted several male juveniles at a park in Cherokee, Kansas.  He allegedly gave them large bags of candy in exchange for the children telling him their home addresses.

He was previously convicted on January 5, 1987 in Sedgwick County, Kansas of lewd behavior.