TULSA, Okla. – A Grove man with a history of domestic violence was sentenced on Monday to three years in federal prison for strangling a former girlfriend.

Tyler Craig Mitchell, 30, was also ordered to participate in a drug abuse program and pay the victim $1,676.85, court records show.  After his release from prison, Mitchell will serve three years probation.

Mitchell pleaded guilty in 2022 to assault of an intimate or dating partner by strangling, suffocating, and attempting to strangle and suffocate in Indian Country and kidnapping in Indian Country.  The kidnapping charge was dropped, records show.

The charges stem from a July 6, 2020, assault in Delaware County where he went to the victim’s mobile home as she was giving a child a bath. Mitchell placed his lanyard chain around the victim’s neck and began to strangle her. When the victim tried to use a telephone to call for help, Mitchell grabbed her phone and threw it in the bathtub.  Mitchell strangled the victim a second time causing her to drop the child, according to the plea agreement.

Mitchel also faces charges in Cherokee Nation District Court with domestic abuse assault and battery by strangulation, kidnapping, and six counts of violating a protective order.

If you, or someone you know, is in a domestic violence situation please reach out to the Delaware County Sheriff at (918) 253-4531, the Community Crisis Center at (918) 253-3939 in Jay or (918) 787-5381 in Grove.