NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Newton County fires a corrections officer after he’s accused of giving drugs to inmates in exchange for cash.

Correy Shrum, 32, is charged with delivery of a controlled substance at a jail and corruption by a public servant. He’s in custody at the Jasper County Jail without bond.

The Newton County Sheriff’s Office started investigating Shrum after hearing some suspicious phone calls between an inmate and the inmate’s girlfriend.

According to court documents, investigators said surveillance video shows Shrum handing unknown items to an inmate. One of those instances is reported to have happened last Friday.

Investigators with the sheriff’s office said Shrum confessed to passing drugs to an inmate and receiving $1,700 in exchange. They searched the inmates and found plastic bags with substances that tested positive for meth.

Sheriff Chris Jennings said Shrum worked for the jail for 11 months as a jailer.