NIXA, Mo. — A Nixa man was arrested on a charge of bank robbery by force or violence yesterday, Dec. 6.

Kyle Bradley Whitmore, 39, of Nixa, is being held in the Greene County Jail after being arrested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

According to federal court documents, Whitmore is accused of committing a robbery at a Great Southern Bank in Greene County on Dec. 5. If guilty, he faces up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

This robbery occurred days after Whitmore was involved in another incident. On Nov. 21, Whitmore was arrested and charged with one second-degree felony count of making a terrorist threat.

In court documents for this case, Nixa police were called to an apartment complex parking lot to respond to a man who appeared to be on drugs and was threatening people, stating that if anyone came close to him, he would set off an explosive.

Police transported Whitmore to a hospital. At the hospital, he screamed, threatened to murder people and spat at law enforcement and hospital security. He was then transported to the Christian County Detention Center. During that ride, he demanded to be given drugs and continued threatening the police. He also stated:

“Get me a f****** burger or I’ll kill everybody. Literally. Obviously I’m just joking. This is the artist talking. I’m just trying to make it happen really. All I’m trying to do. I mean everybody else does it and posts it on Instagram every g****** day. What am I doing [inaudible]…”

Kyle Whitmore, according to court document

However, the terroristic threat charge comes from a 911 call Whitmore made to Nixa police that day, in which he said:

“If anybody comes near me, my f****** self-device explosion will explode.”

Whitmore has a criminal record that includes a DWI charge and multiple possession charges.