BEAVER, Okla. – An Oklahoma judge revoked a convicted sex offender’s suspended sentence and ordered him to serve 20 years after he was caught trying to pursue relationships with teen boys in the Four State area.

Kirk William Owen, 65, of Grove, appeared in Beaver County (Oklahoma) District Court where Associate Judge Ryan D. Reddick revoked his 2002 suspended sentence on two counts of lewd molestation.  He received two, 20-year sentences to run concurrently.

Miami Police officers arrested Owen in September after he appeared in Ottawa County District Court. Owen attempted to have a protective order dropped that was brought against him by a Miami man on behalf of his teenage son.

Owen’s actions in Ottawa County and Cherokee County, Kansas were the keys Beaver County authorities needed to revoke his suspended sentence and lock him up.

The Beaver County Court Clerk’s office said Owen’s file is restricted and sealed per Judge Reddick which prohibits access to his legal file.  This is done in an effort to protect the identities of his victims, according to Beaver County Court Clerk Tammie Patzkowsky.

There are a string of victims in Kansas and Oklahoma connected to Owen, according to the hearing testimony.

One witness who attended the four-hour court hearing said “there were additional victims in Delaware and Ottawa counties.”

It is not the policy of KSN/KODE to identify juveniles or in this case the family of the juveniles.

“There are more victims with much more horrific stories, the witness said referring to the court hearing’s testimony.

Miami and Grove Police Departments are encouraging parents or guardians whose children have been in contact with Owen to contact the respective police departments.  

“How many children were hurt because he (Owen) was out in public all this time,” the witness said after the hearing. “He’s going to face God and that’s when justice will be done.”

The convicted sex offender never worked, and he lived extravagantly off a trust fund from oil and gas royalties, the witness said.

“I believe God protected my sons,” he said.

In his case, Crawford County, Kansas sheriff’s deputies were looking for Owen after he was seen in July – wearing only underwear and a shirt – driving a white convertible Corvette.  He was wanted for questioning after he had contacted several male juveniles at a park in Cherokee, Kansas.

In a Kansas Court hearing held in August Owen admitted he was driving by the park and gave out large bags of candy to the children. He also asked one of the boys if they lived in town, which one of the children provided their address, court records show.

Owen told the juveniles he would come by their house later and “rev his engine” so they could come out and get more candy, court documents state.

Owen testified in August, “I got the strong feeling that they really — there is kind of something about them, because they were within two feet of me, Your Honor, and they could — they were looking straight in my eyes kind of like in my soul and they could tell that I was, you know, a real kind, generous, caring person. And they kind of were able to have the power somehow to see my soul and they — I could tell they kind of wanted me.” Kansas Protective Hearing Transcript, August 24, 2022.

The following day, Owen was driving by the children’s residence and was confronted by a neighbor and fled the area.

“I tried to go to work that day, but I just kept feeling this nudge to call the Grove police and tell them what happened and if they knew anyone like that,” the witness said.

“Within a half day with God’s mercy we had him identified,” the witness said.

Owen, who lives in a $300,000 lakefront Grand Lake residence, would use a camcorder to video tape young families or groups of young people in boats coming onto the shoreline to visit a Grove restaurant.  Some of the videos depicted showed the camera would zoom in on young boys within the groups of people and some videos zoomed in on the young boys’ swimsuits or shorts.

Owen used the promise of toys, bicycles, candy and other items to entice young boys to his Grove home or to his white convertible corvette.

Wearing a white and black stripe prison uniform, Owen smiled at the witness during his testimony.

“It was creepy,” the witness said.

Owen testified for over an hour trying to justify his actions, the witness stated.

“He acted as if his actions towards these young boys was okay,” the witness said.

Owen’s lawyer repeatedly asked him why the judge shouldn’t revoke his sentence, and the sex offender offered no reason, the witness said.  

Federal agents served a search warrant on Owens’ house and further criminal charges are anticipated upon the completion of the federal investigation.

The witness said the federal search warrant was discussed during the hearing including seizing many electronic devices which allegedly contained child pornography.

“There was testimony that when he visited foreign countries, he would pay to have children brought to him,” the witness said.


Owen would leave notes, some sexually explicit, for a then 11-year-old Ottawa County boy at his residence. Owen asked the child to contact the telephone number listed on the note, according to court records.

Text messages shows the sex offender said he “would be a great role model” and the child “would benefit from his “experiences and wisdom,” court records show.

He also offers the juvenile a job, according to a Miami Police report.

The victim’s older sister said at a January 2021 protective order hearing Owen attempted to hand her a copy of a check made payable to the juvenile’s estranged mother for $128,000. The sister said the mother is an addict.

The boy’s father was granted a protective order against Owen; but, the convicted sex offender filed a motion to have the protective order dismissed saying, the  boy’s father “filed this Victim Protective Order when no victim exists, with the sole purpose in choosing who the victim can be friends with or date.”


In July 2000, Owen was charged in Beaver County District Court with seven counts of lewd molestation. He pleaded no contest to two of the charges and received two, 20-year suspended sentences and was placed on probation.

In 2003 and 2004, the court ordered his release from probation in Oklahoma since Owen had “no known violations of probation” and was living in Kansas, according to online court records. Owen was required to submit monthly progress reports.

Owen moved back to Oklahoma and in 2006 the court ruled Owen had successfully completed probation “but shall be on an unsupervised basis,” according to court records.

The victim in the 2000 Beaver County case testified that Owen had contacted him around 46 times since June.

When asked why the victim responded to the repeated phone calls from Owen, the victim responded, “well at least when he’s on the phone with me I know he’s not hurting another boy,” according to testimony.